Glad you came to this Page. As you can see, I run several Inspirational Websites. Collectively speaking, you can say they are an “Oasis On The Net” (©) to bring a measure of peace and comfort, inspiration, happiness and encouragement into hearts and homes, without the imposition of pesky Google Ads and notices or intrusive Email Campaigns. These are user friendly Multi-Page Websites, not cluttered or crowded with content (many websites have too much happening on them which is a sheer distraction from what you wish to read). Each of my websites commenced with a different concept and purpose – this one is different again. I’ve been making websites for 12 years. Jesus Gifted me in 2012 with Poetic Language similar to Helen Steiner Rice and thoughtful quotes and Sayings. I have no religious affiliations but enjoy a close Walk with Jesus. I write Inspirational and Christian writings most are comfortable with and have many return visitors. ENJOY!


An Inspirational website with a beautiful pink design. There are lots of pleasant Poems similar to Helen Steiner Rice, Delightful Photos of Flowers and Nature – Peaceful and Melodic Audios Seven Pages of thoughtful Quotes and Sayings. This Site is Secular with some Christian content placed separately.


Similar to Inspirations for You, but there are many Poems by others in addition to those I have written. There is also Light and Depth in my choice of Poems in this website – some are meaningful. Not Religious or denominational, Just Jesus type of Content many Visitors Enjoy!


This website is two-fold, blending Natural Health with some Inspirations and Poems and Interests like Tasty Recipes and Special Pinterest Gardening Folders, Beautiful Pictures and Cute Videos of Baby Animals and More!


A Light-Natured Website With Lots Of Nature Photos Of Beautiful Scenery And Cute Little Animals, Short Nature Videos, 100’s Of Recipes – Healthy Ones, Spicy Ones, International Cuisine – Organic & Natural Gardening Info and Pinterest Links. Plus Gardening Videos are Planned.


This is a FREE eCard Program – It has a Free Membership with some privileges and is Feature rich with Quality Pictures……… Poems and Inspirations…….LOTS of Friendly Emoticons (more than any eCard Program on the internet)………Really Nice Background Colors etc. It also has Lots of Music Files that will be working Soon (they were working on Flash and are about to be Updated:)