Smilies and Emoticons can be happy or sad, they can be angry. I have only the nice ones, pretty ones, cute ones etc here on Janets Inspirations because Emails and Media etc should always be Friendly and it’s Nice to spread Happiness etc around, to share healthy thoughts instead of disturbing ones, to find ways of building each-other up rather than upsetting someone. Shall we do that? Would you like to come with me?

Emoticons, Gifs and Mini Gifs usually have movement in them, however, I have added some still ones as well because they are really Nice!
So you will see Still Gifs and Moving Gifs.


It is my pleasure to be bringing all the nicest Emoticons I can find, on this Website, plus some of the Quality ones and Best ones I have in a special eCard Program I run – people really love them. I like to find all the Happy and Interesting ones I can! More Pages coming in this WebMenu.
Watch for them and maybe you would like to place Janets Inspirations in Favorites, so you can find your way back here:)

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