Hi there Friends, as some of you may have noticed, my Websites are committed to putting Life on the Net.

I feel for people who would like to see more Family Friendly websites and content on the Internet.

For many years, I have said a Computer or Laptop is better than a TV (television) because you have more control over it – it’s not so dominating. TV is so invasive, as we all are aware. The Internet is getting that way too – telling us what to think, how we should feel, how to act, where to go and when to buy. So TVs and PCs go pretty much hand in hand these days, shall we say? There are ways we can modify some of that on a PC (internet).

That’s very important for Family Friendly Viewing and Christian Viewing. See on this Page 3 Ways of making our Internet experience a better one – more comfortable in some respects. Wishing you all well.

The About Me Page HERE will let you know a little more about my Vision for making Pleasant Pictures, Gifs and Blinkies available on
Janets Inspirations and I’m offering them for Free. Many of them © Copyrighted to myself and Websites I run.

I have placed a Websites Page on this Website that showcases some of my Websites HERE.

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Notes For Website Owners: If you have a Family Friendly Website (no offensive content) or Christian Website, you may feel free to download a
small amount of Pictures, Photos, Emoticons, Gifs and/or Blinkies for your Website – play fair! More content will become available as time permits. New Website Owners are Encouraged.

These are my Conditions: You must place a Link to Janets Inspirations for acknowledgements somewhere on each page that has content from this website. Your website must not have offensive or dingy content, neither should it be promoting a Religion or a Christian sect/denomination. Most of the content on my Picture Pages is my work, Glitter Pages also. Paid Freelancers make most of the animated Gifs and Blinkies. Images on Photo Pages are licensed to Share moderately on websites but not for profit or downloading from your Websites.

Link for this Website: Images Here

Please Note: I go to considerable Expense to place Paid Content with Licences AND Paid Freelance Content on this Website to make Nice Content available for Private Use; Acceptable Media and Website Content. Your response is appreciated.

Thanks for respecting my wishes, protective measures apply.


There are 3 very good APPS in the Google Apps Store that Improve your Internet Experience for Family and Christian Viewing.

AdBlocker Ultimate
Free and improved AdBlocker. Completely remove ALL ads. No “acceptable” ads or whitelisted advertisers, block tracking and malware! HERE

Filter Anything Everywhere
Filter feeds, lists and comment sections on all websites at the same time with this universal keyword blocker. HERE

Adblocker Plus for Youtube™

An Adblocker extension automatically skips all the video ads.
This extension that stops all kind of ads, banners Etc to provide you ad-free experience. HERE

And they are Free!

Also a Text to Speech and Translator

Find a Translate – Translator, Dictionary, TTS in Chrome APP Extensions
to Highlight Content and Read Audibly for you HERE

This Chrome APP is Very Convenient

Do you Search for Specific Content on the Internet sometimes? Maybe for certain INFO or Projects?
Here is an APP that can make things easy and save you time. Look for Multi-Highlight Tool HERE

All the APPS mentioned above, I use personally.
I did not make them:)

Do you have Websites OR are you Considering Making One?

It can be Interesting and sometimes rewarding making Websites. Of-course, like everything in this Day and Age, there are Benefits AND Things we should be aware of (to avoid pitfalls). Some months ago, I made a Website specifically designed to help you with those, called
Honest Website Advice HERE you may like to Visit.

Maybe you have had a dodgy experience with Webhosting Etc.
I let you know about the ‘Lurks and Perks’
Find help there!