Any of you into Greeting Gifs? I have Happy Birthdays and Mothers Days here and a gorgeous Thank You Butterflies. There are Get Well and
Happy Weekend Gifs as well. Maybe some of you can add a few to your Smart Phone – I have some on mine.

Gifs usually have movement in them, however, I have added mostly still ones (Mini Pictures) as well because they are really Nice!
So you will see Still Gifs and a few Moving Gifs until I find more for this Page.


Butterfly Thanks
Happy Balloons
Birthday Wish – 1
Friendship Flowers
Best Mum Ever
Get Well Soon – 1
Get Well Soon – 2
Happy Mothers Day – 1
Party Celebration
Party Girl In Pink
Hello Weekend
Happy Weekend
Happy Birthday – 1
Happy Birthday – 2
Smile Greeting
Big Thank You
Sunny Womens Day
Thank You Mum – 1
Happy Birthday – 3
Good Evening


Note: For More Animated (moving) Gifs, please go to the ANIMATED WebMenu at the Top of Your Screen.
There are also some Interesting Blinkies HERE bigger than usual – Really Good!

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