I would like to place some more Christian Gifs, Blinkies and Glitter Texts on the Net than we usually find. There’s far too much disturbing content on the Internet these days. So I will be finding one or two Freelancers, to see what they can come up with. For now, I will place these here. God bless!

Gifs usually have movement in them, however, I have added some still ones (Mini Pictures) as well because they are really Nice!
So you will see Still Gifs and a few Moving Gifs until I find more for this Page.


At All Times
God Cares
Renewing Strength
One In Jesus
God Is Gif
Faith – Hope – Love
God Is Love – 2
Look To Jesus
Jesus Loves You
Trusting Jesus


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There are also some Interesting Blinkies HERE bigger than usual – Really Good!

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