Hi Friends, it’s nice to have Testimonies on a Website……so here we are! Wishing you a lovely time on Janets Inspirations and here are some of the Testimonies coming in. This Website commenced in 2022-2023. Thank You for letting me know what Pages you like, Features or Items you Enjoy. What do you like about the concept, whatever, of this website I have placed here for you?

Janet, I like the concept for this website. It’s really unique, I’ve not seen anything like it before on the internet and am privileged to find it. I checked out your other websites and look forward to staying with you as this one develops. Wishing you well and happy to let my friends know. – Carla

Love your gifs and emoticons Janet, not an unfriendly one among them! We are eager to see more! Have placed you in favorites. And you’re right, there is so much offensive content out there. We are telling our girls to be very careful what websites they click on and found it necessary to find somewhere appropriate for them. – Debbie and John

What a wonderful idea for a website, lots of nice things we can add to our emails to give them that special touch. – Anna

The end of my search for quality pictures and emoticons to place in my emails. I’d rather wait and see what else you have here than to bother with those long tedious searches on google images that were proving to be impractical for me – I don’t have all that time to waste. It was getting ridiculous. Thank you Janet. – Sophia

Janet, how nice of you to provide a lovely website like this! A friend told us about it over the weekend. It has become necessary to supervise our kids activity on the world web now, we have had to block some of the sites for gifs and certain media. We really care about our kids. – Sally and David

That is precisely why Janets Inspirations is here, to protect young women and girls and to offer quality content in one place that is not often found on the Net. I am happy to be here for you. – Janet Vargas

Janet, I love the Shimmer Texts and quality Christian Blinkies you have here, can’t wait to see more! – Julie

Janet, it’s easy to notice how much you really care about people and have gems of wisdom to share. A Christian friend recommended this new website to me and I’m glad I came. – Felicity

What a find, so glad we came here! We will let all our friends know!!! – Two Sisters

Hi Janet, I am very happy about my recent discovery on this website. My favorites are the animated gifs by Rida and sayings by Lisa-Jane.
They really lift my day…….I cannot wait to share some soon in my emails. Truly I cannot thank you enough. – Sophie